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Adoption services

Adoption services

Here's an overview of our adoptive services.

Adopting a child

Adoption involves a permanent and legal change in relationship when a child legally becomes the child of another family. Deciding whether or not the plan of adoption is the right choice for you and your child may be the most emotion-filled decision that you will ever have to make.​ We're here to support your journey, starting with your decision-making.

Post-adoption support

The Department of Family and Children Post Adoption Services team understands that the needs of the adoptive parents and their children do not end when the adoption process concludes. We continue to offer our support as your family begins a new journey and can help you explore post-adoption resources. 


Make an adoptive plan for your child

If you want to make an adoptive plan for your child, the Santa Clara County Social Services Adoption Agency can explore the option of voluntary relinquishment with you. A relinquishment is the legal process by which parents voluntarily and permanently give up their parental rights to a child for adoption by another. 

Once relinquishment documents have been completed and filed with the California Department of Social Services, the relinquishing parent’s rights are permanently terminated. 

Why adopt?

Each year, more than 1,500 children in the County were placed in supervised foster care placement. Many of them experienced parental neglect, abuse, or exploitation and need permanent homes. 

The County of Santa Clara's Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) aims to find caring adoptive homes for these children. 

Two little kids posing on the beach

We look to the community to provide homes where the children can experience love and care. As children are the future, our priority is to help them grow and thrive in a stable and supportive environment.

Children in need 

Mirroring our diverse community, the County's foster children come from families of various ethnic backgrounds. At DFCS, we pride ourselves in matching children with families that support and understand their needs. Our goal is to ease each child's trauma of leaving their current home by providing a stable, loving environment that can become their permanent home if needed.

We have children of all ages, including many sibling groups. The majority of our children are of color. Our greatest needs are to find adoptive homes for:

  • Sibling groups with two or more related children
  • Boys aged seven through nine
  • Infants and preschoolers with special needs
  • Teenagers